What Is ScreenGuru?


What is ScreenGuru?

ScreenGuru is an easy-to-use, cloud-based content creation solution for digital signage networks. Our system interfaces with your existing network and outputs to all standard file formats.

ScreenGuru Features:

  1. Cloud-based secure content creation platform

  2. Intuitive WYSIWYG interface with realtime previews

  3. Custom-designed templates built to client needs

  4. User can upload to and manage the asset library

  5. Ability to create new messages by adding/changing text, imagery, audio clips and other message elements

  6. Flexible permission settings for content creators, reviewers and approvals

  7. Compatible with all digital signage software platforms

  8. Outputs to all standard file formats

ScreenGuru Benefits:

  1. Original template development is collaborative to ensure brand consistency and usability

  2. Enables decentralized content creation with centralized control

  3. Supports high-volume content creation, including localization

  4. Ensures quality and consistency of network content

  5. Places network operators and content creators in control of output

  6. Accessible anytime, anywhere with password protected login

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